Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants


Admission Procedure

Complete the membership application form (PDF format) in addition download the Work Experience Checklist for Accounting Technicians and submit it along with all the requested enclosures and the prescribed fees. All Applications will then be scrutinised and reviewed by the Membership Committee and sent with recommendations to the Council for final approval. After approval, the member will receive a certificate appropriate to his or her category of membership.

Click on the following link to view BICA Membership Requisites.

  FELLOW (FCPA) ASSOCIATE (ACPA) Accounting Technician
ADMISSION 227.68 227.68 116.07
SUBSCRIPTION 2,708.44 2,506.88 1,340.62
VAT 12% 352.33 328.15 174.80
TOTAL 3,288.45 3,062.70 1,631.50


  FELLOW (FCPA) ASSOCIATE (ACPA) Accounting Technician
SUBSCRIPTION before vat 3,033.45 2,506.88 1,340.62
VAT 12% 325.01 300.83 160.87
TOTAL 3,033.45 2,807.70 1,501.50


  FELLOW (FCPA) ASSOCIATE (ACPA) Accounting Technician)
ANNUAL SUBS 3,033.45 2,807.70 1,501.50


1,403.85 750.75
TOTAL 4,550.17 4,211.55




2021 Practicing Certificate                                                2021 Practicing Review

               Certified Auditor P7,675.32                                            Certified Auditor P6,000.00     

                     VAT 12% P921.04                                                        VAT 12% P720.00

                           TOTAL: P8596.36                                                            TOTAL: P6,720.00

                                           Application fee for registration as a certified auditor  :15,316.36


2021 Member  Audit member Firm Fees

                                                  Member Firm subscription P3,076.87

                                                                             VAT 12% P369.22

Application fee  for registration of Audit member firm :P 3,446.10


2021 Renewal / registration Member Non Audit member Firm Fees

Member Firm subscription P3,076.87

                             VAT 12% P369.22

Quality assurance review P1094.10

                                   TOTAL : P4,540.20

2021  Member firm penalty - Non Audit


Member Firm Registration P4,540.20

50% Penalty fee                     P1,723.05

TOTAL                                       P6,263.25




BICA Banking Details

Account Number:9060000684207
Account Name: BICA Main
Bank: Stanbic Bank        Swift Code:SBICBWGX  
Branch: Fairground        Branch Code:064967 

Please note that We do not accept Cash, We accept Deposit slip, Cheque and also there is Point of Sale machine for your convinience.

Payment to be submitted to BICA along with the application form and supporting documents.

Note: You will need Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the above PDF files. You can get it here.